Hello. My name is Andy McNab and I’m a psychopath. That statement comes as a bit of a shock when you first hear it, doesn’t it?

Finding out that I could be classified in this way was certainly a surprise to me but it turns out that I’m what they call a ‘good psychopath’ and it’s certainly done me no harm in life. In fact, I believe it’s the reason I’ve been so successful.

Dr. Kevin Dutton has spent a lifetime studying psychopaths. He first met former SAS hero Andy McNab during a research project. What he found surprised him. McNab is high on the psychopath spectrum but he is a GOOD PSYCHOPATH. Unlike a BAD PSYCHOPATH, he is able to dial up or down qualities such as ruthlessness, fearlessness, conscience and empathy to get the very best out of himself – and others – in a wide range of situations.

Drawing on the combination of Andy McNab’s wild and various experiences and Dr. Kevin Dutton’s expertise in analysing them, together they have explored the ways in which a good psychopath thinks differently and what that could mean for you. What do you really want from life, and how can you develop and use qualities such as charm, coolness under pressure, self-confidence and courage to get it? The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success gives you a unique and entertaining road-map to self-fulfilment both in your personal life and your career.

In The Daily Mail a series of 3 articles about this new book by Dr Kevin Dutton in cooperation with Andy:

Are YOU a psychopath (and could it be the secret to success)?: New book by SAS hero Andy McNab reveals why having their character traits is vital to winning life’s battles

By Andy Mcnab and Dr Kevin Dutton – Published: 6 May 2014

“I’ve certainly come a long way since I was a kid. Abandoned on the steps of Guy’s Hospital in a Harrods bag as a newborn baby, I was adopted and brought up on a tough housing estate in South-West London. I’ve faced a lot of challenges, but one has always been pretty much like another to me.”

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How YOU can get the killer instinct: Crave success? You’ve got to be as ruthless as an assassin, says SAS hero Andy McNab as he explains how to think more like a psychopath.  Taking on from where yesterday’s extract left off, Andy McNab and Dr Kevin Dutton explain why being ruthless might help you to achieve success

By Andy Mcnab and Dr Kevin Dutton – Published: 7 May 2014

“Dr Kevin Dutton writes: Few people get the better of my friend Andy McNab, the much-decorated former SAS operative and best-selling author of books like Bravo Two Zero.
But he once ended up shelling out thousands of pounds thanks to an oik with greased-back hair and cufflinks the size of plasma TV screens.”

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How to become a black belt at getting your own way… Concluding our compelling series by SAS hero Andy McNab

By Andy Mcnab And Dr Kevin Dutton – Published: 8 May 2014

“I recently crisscrossed the globe, interviewing a ruthless elite of top con-artists about how they bent others to their will and they agreed that the best way to persuade someone to do something — or, sometimes just as important, not do something — is to convince them that it is in their own interests, as opposed to your own.”

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