There’s an interesting headline! Well.. according to Iain Martin is his Wall Street Journal Blog it might just happen…. 😉 Thanks for sending this, you-know-who-you-are.

Iain Martin On Politics
May 6, 2010

Election Night at the Cameron Residence in Rural Oxfordshire

Dave is watching “Star Wars” on DVD and semidozing. Two young aides are pacing up and down, nervously checking their BlackBerries.

Dave: “I like this bit. Look, it’s the scene in the intergalactic bar — with all those aliens and strange looking creatures. It’s like a meeting of the 1922 committee.”

Female aide: “Shouldn’t we turn it over to the election? The results program and the exit poll are on in a minute.”

Dave (yawning): “Chill. Long way to go yet. Did you know that Alec Guinness nearly didn’t take the role? And that it would have been Oliver Reed instead?”

Male aide: “Dave. We’ve got some early indications, some feedback from seats. Do you want to hear?”

Dave: “Uh-huh… shoot.”

Female aide: “It’s looking too close to call. Like, everywhere.”

Dave (yawning): “Where’s Sam?”

Sam Cam, wandering in from the kitchen: “Here babes.”

Dave: “Hi babes. What are you up to? (To aide:) Doesn’t she look great pregnant?”

Male aide (face reddenning): “Er… Yeah, great.”

Dave: “Come here for a cuddle.”

Male aide gets up and walks towards DC.

Dave: “Not you! I meant Sam.”

Sam snuggles up on the sofa.

Sam: “What’s happening?”

Dave: “Well they’re fighting with light sabers… but you mean the election? I think we’ve done it. But it’s going to be hours before we know for sure.”

Sam: “What a drag, babes. Hours. That’s like a long time.”

Dave: “I know. They’ve got to count all the votes, and add them all together and work out who’s won where. But we’re cool, I think.”

Sam: “Cool.”

Male aide: “We were going to work through the cabinet? Steve has left his ideas.”

Dave (making a face): “Do we have to? Yeah? OK prime minister, that’s me. Chancellor, George. Then it gets a bit woolly. What were Steve’s thoughts?”

Male aide: “Quite radical thoughts from Steve on the cabinet. Foreign Secretary, Bob Geldof? Health Secretary? Robert Winston or that doctor that goes on the Matthew Wright show. Culture secretary Kevin Spacey, Carol Vorderman to education, Andy McNab to defense and Hugh Fearnley-Whatshisname to agriculture.”

Dave (thinking deeply): “It all sounds a bit unconventional… even by Steve’s standards. I think we might have to have  some other Tory MPs in the cabinet. What do you think, babes?”

Sam: “Look Steve’s great. He’s like, totally, your friend. But he gets a bit carried away sometimes, babes. Look at the Big Society.”

Dave: “But you liked the Big Society? You said so.”

Sam: “Oh yeah, up to a point. Love all that charity stuff. And I think some of the kids I’ve met on those projects are an inspiration. But one of the girls at work the other day said something interesting. She asked me — like, totally, totally seriously — was your Big Society something to do with Tatler? Did it mean that if you win then society parties would be easier to get into? That they would be bigger and have longer invite lists?”

Dave: “Really? When we get in I’m going to have to make a lot more speeches explaining Steve’s Big Society. Or maybe not.

Sam: “Hmmmm, maybe not. But your call, babes.”

Female aide: “Dave, sorry to interrupt. But oh my God, there’s one minute to go until we get the exit poll.. Turn over to BBC1. Andy and George O says it’s still like… totally too close call.”

Male aide: “I am so excited! I was only 3 in 1992. What does it feel like to win?”

Dave: “Everyone! Please, please, calm down…”

Sam: “Yeah. Chill.”