Inthenews interviewed Andy on the release of the “Tour of Duty” DVD.

Andy McNab on bravery, banter and battalions

Writer of the best-selling war book of all time. The UK’s most highly decorated soldier, and the winner of every decoration bar the Victoria Cross when he left the army. The only author who has to submit his work to the Ministry of Defence for review. A technical weapons advisor on Heat, the greatest crime film ever made.

And as veteran of the Royal Green Jackets and the SAS, the ideal presenter of Tour of Duty, a documentary including gripping first-hand accounts from troops on the front-line, re-enactments, handicam footage and video diaries from our boys on the frontline, as well as explosive real-life footage supplied direct from the MoD.

But quite a scary interviewee as well…

inthenews.co.uk’s Lewis Bazley summons his courage to talk to the former SAS man – whose real name isn’t Andy McNab, of course – ahead of the DVD release of Tour of Duty.

You can read the full article here

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