“the worst scandal to hit the Special Air Service in its 67-year history”

A Sun article today reports us “SAS men done for £250k fraud”

THE SAS was rocked last night as six senior troopers were charged with embezzling thousands from secret jungle training funds.

The long-serving soldiers are the first from the elite regiment to be publicly court martialled for such a serious criminal offence.

In the alleged scam, huge sums were systematically siphoned off a budget for exercises in Brunei and Borneo.

A military police probe was launched after senior officers found more than £250,000 had disappeared off the books between 2003 and 2006.

The Sun asked Andy for comment on this news, which is logical but it would occur to me that that’s not the most fun thing to do in this case.

Andy’s comment:

THIS has to be one of the darkest incidents in the regiment’s proud history.

Anyone serving in the SAS should be above petty theft. And the fact that the money came out of training funds makes it even more upsetting.

Properly funded training is essential in producing soldiers who are well prepared for combat.

The theft might also lead to Army bean counters insisting on more checks when they hand money out which could slow down how quickly the unit reacts to situations.

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