Wow, great news for the fans!! Lots more books coming: Three new Nick Stones, two non-fiction titles and two novels that will lack Stone, but probably still have balls (xcuse my French). And there’s more…

Transworld majors in McNab and McKenna

Transworld publisher Bill Scott-Kerr is beefing up some big brands, after signing up former SAS man Andy McNab for seven new books, and five by hypnotist Paul McKenna.

The deal with McNab, done through agent Mark Lucas, is for three new Nick Stone thrillers, two non-fiction titles and two standalone novels. It comes on top of the two-book deal for a young adult adventure series by McNab for Random House Children’s Books also announced this week.

Scott-Kerr said: “We’re very keen to get him to broaden the brand. We are always looking to capitalise on his unique real-life experiences.”

McNab’s busy schedule will see Spoken From the Front, an oral history of the Afghan war, appearing in October and also available as a download to mobile phones through McNab’s company Gospoken.

Meanwhile, the author is to co-write with thriller writer Liz Rigby* two standalone novels which Scott-Kerr described as “more ensemble pieces” than the Nick Stone thrillers. The first novel will be published in summer 2010. An outline has been optioned by the BBC for a Sunday evening TV drama.

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Awesome news, the next few years we won’t be disappointed. Or I might be… in case this post ever catches Andy’s eyes….after all these years Nick Stone has never been to Amsterdam!! It’s about time I’d say. I mean… it’s not like there’s no story to tell about our city-of-the-morally-depraved!! :-p  And why do I mention? I hear McNab explores the cities he writes about and boy, do I like another interview…. after all.. I will hold him to the ‘see you next year’! 😉