We learned that Andy will be one of the speakers at the event “Speaking up for Heroes” on 16 July 2009 at the Royal Institution, London. 

“For one unforgettable night, several of the finest speakers in the UK will gather at the Royal Institution, London, to present on the subject of courage, of achievement, of overcoming impossible odds – to celebrate heroism itself.

The cause for this evening could not be more relevant or noble; Help for Heroes is an organisation formed to help those who have been wounded in Britain’s current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have raised millions of pounds over the last two years, and yet their work continues unabated. Speaking up for Heroes – the first event of its kind – will see great speakers celebrating and supporting our nation’s great heroes. Each speaker will talk of their own experiences, of great adventures, and give their own views on heroism, fortitude, courage and indefatigable will.

This is your chance to be part of this unique event, and to help raise over £100,000 for Help for Heroes.

All of the speakers and the Royal Institution are offering their services free of charge, so almost every penny raised will go directly to Help for Heroes.”

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