If I had to post every article Andy is ‘just’ mentioned I should have to quit my dayjob, but this one I thought was really funny so didn’t want to ignore it.

It’s from Zoe Williams, published in The Guardian:

My baby has taken after me in one respect at least: overnight he seems to have become allergic to the bath

Maybe 10 days ago, T took a violent dislike to the bath. It was weird – one day he considered it, correctly I think, a watery play-park, full of small plastic squirting characters and books about dirty pigs. And the next day he acted like I’d breaded him and dipped him in hot fat. Seriously. He was not just a little bit angry. He was Mr Livid. So I got him straight out. C said he must be having an allergic reaction. That seemed to make sense, until we put him to bed, and thought about it for a while, and said, nobody’s allergic to a bath. That’s not a real allergy. That’s like a playground taunt. You’re allergic to the bath, and your mum wears hobnail boots, and your dad is a homo tied to a tree.

So day two, I put him in the bath, and he went nuts again, and I persisted. When yelling did not have the split-second response he is used to, he tried another tack, which was climbing out of the bath. I have to admit, I was impressed. He looked like Andy McNab, only really small and, of course, naked. Don’t tell me Andy McNab has never been naked in a sticky situation. So I got him out again….

You can find the article in The Guardian here

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