The Sun
Data find will trap fanatics
By Virginia Wheeler, Defence Editor and Nick Parker
Published: 04 May 2011

A TREASURE trove of computers, hard drives and discs snatched by US Navy Seals from Osama Bin Laden’s HQ could nail THOUSANDS of other terrorists.

US officials last night called it “the mother lode of intelligence”.

The data could prove even more significant in crippling al-Qaeda than Sunday’s execution of their warlord.

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Photo from The Sun

By Andy McNab
Sun Security Adviser

FORMER SAS soldier Andy McNab analyses the scene in the White House Situation Room as Barack Obama watched live video footage of the raid:

“Although President Obama is sitting to the side, he is without doubt the most important person present.

Once the operation has been set in motion he is the only one with the power to call it off.

The people pictured will be from several departments, including intelligence and the military.

They will each have presented the President with information on a specific part of the mission.

His job is to take in the information and then give the go-ahead – or call the mission off. The reason the picture is so tense is that the job is out of their hands. Responsibility has passed to the Navy Seals to complete the task.

The soldiers would have been kitted out with cameras, most likely on their helmets. With so many feeds coming in, you can flick to the relevant one.

No single person would have been selected to take on Bin Laden, because in the course of an operation you can never guarantee things will go according to plan.

I’ve conducted many swoops for the SAS with a helmet camera and always supported the idea. If anything goes wrong you can go back to military or political bosses with the footage.”