The Sun
By Simon Hughes, Virginia Wheeler, Dan Sales and Neil Millard
Published: 03 May 2011

Obama ‘watched him die’

The world’s most evil man was consigned to the dustbin of history yesterday – shot in the head, tied up in a weighted bag and dropped in the ocean.
Osama Bin Laden finally paid the price for atrocities such as 9/11 when he was found by US Special Forces at his luxury lair in Pakistan.

He was killed as he cowered behind his wife – and President Barack Obama watched live via cameras worn by the troops. The 54-year-old warlord was buried in the north Arabian sea, his terror reign over at last.

President Obama’s eyes were glued to a screen showing the dramatic moments leading to the death of Bin Laden.

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Textbook op by naval elite

By Andy McNab
Ex SAS soldier

“As a military operation, the Navy Seals’ swoop was fantastic – textbook stuff.

It’s not surprising for a group made up of America’s military elite.

They undergo some of the toughest training in the world and have played an important role in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and also in Vietnam.

Clearly there has been a slow covert operation to make sure the information they were acting on was 100 per cent accurate.

In a situation like this intelligence is the biggest weapon of all. They probably used satellites and local informants to confirm Bin Laden was hiding out in the Abbottabad compound.”