Help For Heroes wristbandHelp for Heroes – The next step – Help The Sun raise £20million

By Tom Newton Dunn – Published:  30 March 2009

The Sun today calls its army of kind-hearted readers into action as we launch a new battle to help Britain’s brave wounded troops.
Our target, with the charity Help for Heroes, is to raise £20MILLION for a network of seven homes where those terribly injured serving their country can start new lives.

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Comment by Andy McNab:
“I AM proud to be a patron of Help for Heroes which is making a positive impact on troops’ lives — but this is just the beginning. These brave men and women will need our support for many years to come.
Your money not only goes towards the big stuff, like a pool and gym at Headley Court. 
It also provides the Troop Aid “Hero Grab Bags” containing washing kit, a T-shirt, underwear, socks and a phone card given to Our Boys and Girls on admission to hospital.
Your donations allow them to leave hospital for an hour for a pie and a pint with loved ones. The money also helps those scarred by post-traumatic stress disorder.
Our troops deserve 21st century care for wounds inflicted by modern warfare. The best way to support them is by giving to H4H.”

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