Nothing British launches Operation Stolen ValourAndy McNab and other war heroes speak out against the BNP

Nothing British launches today (Tuesday 20th October)  a campaign by veterans to reclaim the honour of Britain’s Armed Forces from the British National Party.

In an internet blitz of moving videos, a number of war heroes describe their anger that the BNP seeks to use the public’s warm feelings towards Britain’s military to promote the politics of racism and extremism. The veterans call on fellow ex-servicemen to sign their petition.

Go see the (general) campaign video here

Ex-SAS commando Andy McNab has told Nothing British “the British National Party and Nick Griffin have no values.”

McNab – an ex-Gulf War veteran and best-selling author – first got involved with Nothing British when he heard how the BNP were attempting to auction off books he had written to raise funds for Help for Heroes (a charity of which he is also a patron and donor). He accused Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, of exploiting the honour of Britain’s Armed Forces and demanded his books back.

In an exclusive to Nothing British, McNab, who was the highest decorated serving soldier in the British army, that he joined the forces to get out of trouble. “I joined up because I wanted to get out of the juvenile detention system”, says McNab.

“It wasn’t until I got into boy service ’til I realised what it was all about. There was a system of values that was constantly instilled in their soldiers. Selfless commitment. Courage. Discipline. Integrity. Loyalty. Respect for others. These are things that may seem as ‘old fashioned values’ but they are the very things that gets a young soldier to get up, run through fire and pick up his friend who is injured.”

McNab said that Nick Griffin’s exploitation of something that he “values a lot” made him very angry. The former SAS troop sergeant said points out how the freedoms we enjoy today can also be attributed to the thousands of Commonwealth troops who helped defend us during the Second World War.

The BNP’s “Battle of Britain” European election campaign drew heavily on the use of war time imagery, but the Bravo Two Zero hero draws attention to an obvious omission throughout the BNP’s revisionist history, namely the Polish and Commonwealth Air Crews who came to our rescue during our darkest hour of need. “That is why we won the Battle of Britain and as a country that is why we are so good because we have got such a good mix. And Nick Griffin doesn’t get that.”
Here is the video of Andy McNab speaking about the BNP: