This year Grey Man’s Land was fortunate to get  an advanced readers copy of the new Nick Stone novel ‘Dead Centre’! Quite a pleasant surprise that one 🙂

So what about this 14th (!) Nick Stone adventure….

As you probably know from the synopsis Nick gets involved in a hostage negotiation.

A young boy and his mother have been kidnapped from aboard a yacht and certainly our hero is the one to bring them home.

The book starts the way we recognize from the former novels: with a prologue to make us understand more about the present situation and characters. It reads a bit slow, however, we get interesting information about the world of NGOs.

Then, when ‘present time’ starts you get sucked into that rollercoaster of action and events that we know so well from Andy’s novels. Every detail covered you’re ‘there’ with him, not just reading, but experiencing the story.

Andy is your perfect host, from details on the Moscow underground to the uprise of Al-Shabaab and background information on current world affairs… it’s non-fiction woven into fiction and all is very up-to-date so it’s real nice to read the book as soon as you can.

Nick Stone himself remains an interesting character, mix of human and superhuman. He’s doing a brave attempt to become more of a ‘grown-up’ but can’t help that boys will be boys…

When I was halfway through the book I thought..how can it be 400+ pages long, this is a piece of cake for our hero! But then, of course, unexpected twists keep you hooked and before you know it you have indeed read the full 400 and you’re as exhausted and dried out as Nick is in the last pages.

It’s a quality sequel in the series, a great read, but then we expect no less from Andy.
So nothing out of the ‘ordinary’….??

You’d think.

Zero Hour was quite a shock learning about Nick Stone’s  situation.

Prepare for another one!!!!

I had to read the last pages a couple of times over….. a real jaw dropper!!

But find out for yourselves! ‘Dead Centre’ is published on 15 September.

Have fun reading, you can go here to pre-order Andy McNab’s new Nick Stone novel ‘Dead Centre’