A while ago I promised to post a part of the diary again, a bit delayed but here it is. And I have to say, Andy’s got a smart wife and I love his friend 😉

For years, my wife has been telling me to take the bus.
Apparently, the No 27 will take me anywhere. Usually, I like to ride my motorbike around the city in the summer, but this year I seem to have spent my time completely drenched.

So I tried the Tube instead, but as we all know, it ain’t that much fun either, with your nose stuck in someone’s sweating armpit. So I decided to give my wife’s idea a go.

Very annoyingly, she’s right. Plus, unlike Boris, I like the bendy buses.
A mate in Bow bought an eglu,

A space-age-looking mini chicken coop that gets delivered to your door complete with two chickens.

He has called his chickens Vindaloo and Korma, but Vindaloo recently developed a lump in her throat and stopped eating and laying. So what did the great urban eco-warrior do? Wring its neck and make a tasty meal for all the family?

No chance. He drove it to the vet, who put it down for £18, and then drove it home again to give it a decent burial in the garden. He could have bought ten precooked chickens at Tesco for that money. 

Or even one small organic one.

Source: Evening Standard

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