Andy & CraigThe Sun writes today: “SAS legend’s bravo to hero”

SAS legend Andy McNab set up an emotional reunion to hand an audio copy of his latest book to a blinded Iraq hero.

McNab, who wrote best-seller Bravo Two Zero before becoming The Sun’s security adviser, met L/Cpl Craig Lundberg while spending two weeks embedded with his unit in Basra.

An early section of his new book Crossfire is based within Craig’s 30-man platoon.

So when he heard the 22-year-old had been blinded by a shrapnel blast, McNab insisted on returning to Liverpudlian Craig’s side.

Doing his bit for our Help For Heroes campaign, he handed over a huge pile of talking books, including his own, and chatted for hours in a Liverpool pub. The pair also raised a pint to a comrade McNab also met, who died in action just weeks later.

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