An article in The Sun today By Tom Newton Dunn – “Hate for Heroes”

BRAVE soldiers back from Iraq were forced to endure a tirade of abuse yesterday — from hate-filled BRITISH Muslims.
Fifteen fanatics staged a sickening protest — sanctioned by police — as 200 Royal Anglian troops marched in a welcome home parade.

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My View – By Andy McNab

THE protesters are lucky the police were there — or they’d have been ripped apart by the crowd who turned out to support the troops.

They live in a fantasy world. They forget these soldiers are fighting for the democracy that allows them to demonstrate.
The reason they can stand there and demonstrate is because of the democracy that’s being put into Iraq and Afghanistan.
But the protesters are abusing that democracy.

The troops are your next-door neighbours, 20-year-old lads trying to do their jobs regardless of politics.
So if people want to demonstrate they should do it at Parliament — not at a homecoming for heroes who have been willing to lay down their lives.

Soldiers know the vast majority of people understand they are not policy-makers but professionals doing their job for democracy.