Andy Mcnab in BasraMcNab did another Basra visit, covered by the Daily Mail. Honestly I like this one better than the article from The Sun a while back. Perhaps because you now ‘hear’ Andy talk. A snippit:

“SAS veteran Andy McNab went to Iraq to see the war from the soldiers’ point of view. What he found will amaze you…their kit is brilliant, they say this is a golden age for the infantry and they know they’re being used as political ammunition – but they just don’t give a damn…

Gordon Brown says our troops are coming home. A thousand will be back from Iraq by Christmas and the rest, it is reckoned, by the end of 2008.

In theory this sounds promising. Indeed, listening to all this talk, you would think our soldiers were lounging round the pool in Basra knocking back a couple of beers before boarding the plane.

Well, not exactly. I was in Iraq two weeks ago with my old regiment. Within three hours of arriving, I came under mortar attack, a common event for our troops. If our work out there is done, the Prime Minister clearly hasn’t told the insurgents.

I was with 4th Battalion, the Rifles (formerly the Royal Green Jackets), the infantry regiment I joined as a boy soldier. For a week, I accompanied the lads on patrols and witnessed action at first-hand. I saw highly professional soldiers full of enthusiasm for the job – far from the dispirited force some armchair experts describe at home.

Brown was, of course, fiddling around with the figures when he announced the withdrawal, but there is more to it than that.”

There’s always more to it but to read what Andy has to say go here. There are also some new pictures, though they’re from the same series as was published in The Sun. That or Andy’s wearing the same shirt again.

One thing in the article I do like to lift out. Andy tells us: “I’m a patron of Help For Heroes, a charity raising £5million for Headley Court, the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Ashtead, Surrey. We’ll get the money but why isn’t the Treasury handing it over? It’s probably no more than its annual mineral-water bill.” 

Check out the Help For Heroes site

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