Andy McNab BattleSeenAccording to an article by Mike Butcher – TechCrunch – BattleSeen will see it’s official lauch this week.

BattleSeen is a new ’soldier generated video’ site being backed by Andy McNab, the former SAS soldier turned best-selling author, and London-based webcasting firm Spoken. The site launches this week and will be mentioned on The Sun newspaper’s web site.

BattleSeen will allow anyone – but specifically the military, journalists and NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations) – to upload and share video content from conflicts around the world. As McNab says on the site: “Everyone can search and watch videos on BattleSeen and people can see first hand accounts of the experiences soldiers face before, during and after battle without interference and censorship from the media.” BattleSeen will “show modern-day warfare as it really is and as it has never been seen before; through the eyes of the soldiers who are fighting it.”

The site has been created by the UK’s Spoken, a company which more commonly offers audio and video online broadcasting to corporates, but which also has it’s own Flash player product. One of their clients is The Sun newspaper, so it’s no surprise BattleSeen launches with them this week. A spokesman at Spoken also tells me the company is also looking at allowing soldiers to upload written accounts of their experiences on the front line.

For the full article by TechCrunch go here

And of course we’ll keep an eye on the Sun…