6 Things you’ve always wanted to know about Andy McNab but were too afraid to ask! (and who can blame you!)

Q & A with Andy McNab by Lynsey – Between the Lines, a Transworld Blog. It’s a catchy title but ‘afraid to ask’ ?? The questions aren’t that shocking and Q4 is a bit odd, since there is a movie, but then the answer is a typical ‘McNab’, so worth it. Next time they should ask Greymansland for questions, I can come up with some preposturous ones. On the other hand…. those are likely not suited for publishing (and I already know that – despite the rumours – he does NOT have pixilated mirrors at home, so you can stop e-mailing us about that). I think Q5 was sent in by J.K. Rowling. But go read for yourselves.

“Here at Between the Lines we want to give you an insight into the personalities, idiosyncrasies and quibbles of this great nation’s favourite authors. So bravely I decided to put my courage to the sticking post (not really sure what this means) and take a chance to ask my favourite SAS author some of those questions that occasionally you are just too afraid to ask. Happily he obliged!”

Q1. What do you have a weakness for?

Andy McNab: Fried breakfast with chips washed down with about three pints of tea at six in the morning.

Q2. What’s the worst joke you’ve ever told?

AM: What’s white and wears checked trousers?

Rupert the fridge.

I know, really bad.

Q3. What is the best present you’ve ever received?

AM: A toy hamster on a wheel that plugs into a laptop. I have the rodent running like a lunatic as I write this.

Q4. If they made a movie of Bravo Two Zero who would you want to play you?

AM: Don’t care as long as he is six foot tall, four foot wide and all the men want to be him and all the women fancy him. Perfect.

Q5. If you could fly or become invisible at will, which one would you choose and why?

AM: Fly. I free fall parachute and to me it feels like the nearest thing to flying. But to do it for real…

Q6. What was the last book you read?

AM: By Sword and Fire. Cruelty and Atrocity in Medieval Warfare by Sean McGlynn.  I know, it sounds very boring but actually it was really interesting. Four out of five stars.

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