Bravo one zero zero zero: Now McNab funds two volunteers

London Evening Standard
By Anna Davis, Education Correspondent
20 Jun 2011

Former SAS soldier turned novelist Andy McNab is to pay for two frontline volunteers to help children to read.

The Bravo Two Zero writer has thrown his weight behind the Evening Standard’s literacy campaign and donated £1,000 to the cause.

It comes after he also donated a book for adults who have problems reading, to encourage them to start becoming more literate.

More than 10,000 Evening Standard readers downloaded his ebook the Grey Man and Ruth Rendell’s The Thief – “Quick Reads” that can be read by adults with a reading age of nine or above.

Mr McNab said: “It wasn’t until I joined the Army as a boy soldier, when I had a reading age of 11, that I really had the chance to get an education. I’d like to think that other children today shouldn’t have to wait as long. If we can get them reading as early as possible, that’s got to be a great thing.”

Mr McNab advised other adults in a similar position to ignore anyone who laughs at them, and seek help learning to read. He said: “When I was in the Army I was told that the only reason I couldn’t read was because I didn’t read.

“You just have to get on with it. If there is a book that is accessible, short and sharp that is great. Just because you don’t read doesn’t mean you are thick.”

“I would say, ignore what anybody else thinks, just get on with it. At the end of the day it will be you who will be able to read with your children.”

Source:  London Evening Standard

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