The chance to name the villain in Andy McNab’s next book is sold for £10,000 at auction

“The SAS soldier-turned-author auctioned off the character’s naming rights in support of a new charity in memory of legendary Anglo-Irish Polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.

The McNab lot helped the foundation raise £61,700 at a Shackleton Foundation gala dinner in central London last night.

The winner has not yet decided what to name the villain in the book.”

See the full article here

Now I do wonder if there are certain conditions. I mean.. what if the winner wants the villain to be named G W Bush?? Or decides to name him after hers/his ex-spouse. Could she/he be sued? And…does it have to be a man? (sheesh, shocking that I assume the villain will be male, what does that say about me? Or about men for that matter :-p). Or name the villain after his or hers present partner? Will the relationship be over? Or will he/she be loved even more….What about names like Chris Ryan, or Duncan Falconer. Real names may be off limits, but are pseudonyms??

Anyway, I’m curious. So if anyone has an idea, or the winner wants to share the name and background… let us know! 🙂

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