3 News
By Daniel Rutledge

Battlefield 3 is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2011 and with the multiplayer beta recently opened to the public there is now less than a month until the full game is finally released.

Publisher Electronic Arts has been pumping out an incredible amount of promotional material for the title in a clear indication that they have something special on their hands.

Recently I sat down in Las Vegas with Patrick Liu, a producer for developer DICE, for a chat all about the stunning first-person shooter.

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3 News: Former SAS member and author Andy McNab has contributed to the development of Battlefield 3. Tell me about his involvement.

Patrick L.:He visited us several times at the studio and helped out with a lot of aspects of the game. For example, during the mo-cap sessions he helped us with the soldier movement. He taught us how the guys would actually run around, running and gunning, and sneaking. He also helped a lot with the script and gave us a lot of ideas. One of the things he brought to the game is that military speak is very positive. They say things like “we will do this” or “we will be there”, y’know, it’s never “we’ll maybe be there” or anything like that. Another thing he did was at one point we were wondering what would be sitting in the middle of the desert some place. Andy was like “I know exactly what would be there”, because three years prior he was on a tour with the Ministry of Defence. They were flying across the border of Iraq and Iran and they came across this encampment in the middle of the desert. There were all these old tanks and huts and stuff put together. Andy remembered he had a photo of it, so he went home and found it on a hard drive, sent it to us, came back three weeks later and saw it in the game.