The Evening Standard
3 December 2010

One phone call with Andy McNab

Two and a Half Men, which I can watch for two hours back to back.
I saw Due Date on its opening night; it’s as funny as The Hangover.

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. My brother-in-law bought it for me because I’m in it, but he didn’t tell me. It’s about the Queen’s obsession with books; as she tours the country she tries to find out why people are reading Andy McNab.

Frank Timis, a Romanian-Australian billionaire businessman. He paid GBP 115,000 at a charity auction to be a bad guy in my next book.

I cook vegetable curry because you can leave it to bubble away. I cheat by using microwave rice, though.

The story about a female senior police officer who went to court for stealing a GBP 12 lipstick from Tesco. I love stories about policemen getting caught nicking things.

Christmas shopping. I had to go this morning with my wife and it does my head in.

A new BMW GS1200 motorbike to ride along country roads in Cornwall and Norfolk. My daughter used to ride with me; we would drive up level with a car and she’d bang on the window, then we’d finish overtaking. Then she told my wife, who soon put a stop to it.