Frank, one of our enthusiastic readers, was so fortunate to receive his copy of Exit Wound a few weeks ago, thanks to Amazon Germany breaking the embargo… so you know where to order next year.
He finished the book and for those who are receiving their much anticipated new Nick Stone novel one of these days .. here’s what you can expect.


Here we go, it’s November again and this usually means a new Nick Stone Thriller will see the light of day in the real and virtual bookshelves of the world.
To many of us who have been with Mr. Stone from Day 1 if you like to call “Remote Control” that way, have lately been feeling his days of intense storylines are over.
To me, books like Agressor, Recoil and Crossfire were of course nice to read but something was amiss. Some other blokes were already stating in reviews of the books mentioned above, the details which made you feel to “with” Nick were mostly gone. MIA.

Exit Wound, in my eyes, is at least trying to put us in that place again. That dark, nasty place in Nicks handiwork.
In the beginning, back in 1985 on the other side of the Berlin Wall, there is a first short glimpse of that when Nick is first using a flashlight of a certain kind to … well I’ll save that : -) and then he uses it properly, switching it on to search for something that was maybe better suited for the thing he did with the flashlight.
Later, Nick meets up with the two mates from the 80s again to steal something ordered by Saddam himself from some warehouse in Dubai and you can feel that magic again, though not as detailed as in the early books, but it is definitely there.

After the bust went wrong you are up to a surprise in terms of who Nick is really working for now…
Nick is send to Iran and there it is again. The humor, the sarcasm, a bit of brutality, Nicks use of his skills lulling people into doing something for him.

I really really enjoyed reading the book and had it finished within 72 hours.
I can honestly say, that Exit Wound is at least 70% back to old strength and makes me hope for some more. Many more! NOW! But nope, we will have to wait, thankfully 2010 promises for a few more new releases by our favorite Author.

Plus I don’t wanna spoil anything but in stark contrast to f.e. Dark Winter you will find some kind of happy Ending to Exit Wound.

Frank Bader.

Thanks Frank!!
I got my copy too, I’m on the last pages and I can honestly say it’s hard to put down so I’m reading whenever I can, the household suffers – but that’s how it is for now.
It’s a Nick Stone the way we love and know him, tough but fair and showing some vulnerability at times. Definitely how the ladies prefer ‘the male’ and how men would like to be. To please the men there’s also the drop-dead-gorgeous “Jane” * (Anna) who softens Nick up despite their rather harsh introduction – followed by a rough tour through the Russian fields. Ultimately they even manage to bond due to their common goal.
Of course the much appreciated sarcastic humor is present. But in Exit Wound Andy also throws in some compassion (again) through rants by the character Red Ken – and I love it!
Andy creates some circumstances which are rather helpful to Nick Stone on his mission but would probably be missing in ‘real life’, causing and early end to the mission. But then this is fiction…and the show must go on.
One thing that’s not really clear to me is where and how Nick got his Nikon back, perhaps someone can fill me in after reading the book, I might have missed something.
As for the happy ending Frank mentions…. I will know about it soon enough….
For me, Exit Wound got it ‘all’, with some nice twists, and the only bad thing I can think of is ‘finishing the book’ and having to wait for another year. Sigh.


*Every story has a “Tarzan” and a “Jane”, like the perfect male/female and in every story “Jane” sprains her ankle and Tarzan has to safe her from all the bad stuff happening.