At the time of the Hay Festival appearance (May last year) there were enthusiastic reporters claiming that McNab had “dropped the mask” and though months later we still have to see the evidence in the form of pictures for that fact, we now know that McNab actually has become a Mask.

Let me explain.

A man called John Joe “Ash” Amador, a 30-year-old American, was executed last month in Huntsville, Texas. He went to his death, still protesting his innocence. Before his death (obviously) he got in touch Nick Reynolds, “harmonica player with the Alabama 3, former Royal Navy diver during the Falklands war, son of Bruce, the great train robber, and, most relevantly, a sculptor who specialises in death masks.” Mr Reynolds suggested making a mask, so that the person whom the Texas justice system was about to snuff out would have a sort of life after death.

This mask will get exposure in an exhibition planned for the new year in London’s East End, as well as some of Reynolds’ masks of the living, “including a rogues’ gallery of villains such as “Mad” Frank Fraser, Freddie Foreman, Peter Scott, and his father, Bruce, plus that of Andy McNab, the bestselling author of Bravo Two Zero.” The exhibition will be called – in light of the numbers of those executed in Texas – 402 and Rising.

Now I don’t know if everyone would agree with me but I’m d**m happy about the ‘plus’ there – it somewhat separates McNab from the villains mentioned.

For the full Mask story go here

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