Dear Andy McNab,
Today is your 50th birthday, and your supporters here at GML know full well how hitting the half-century mark can be a bit depressing (not really, we’re way younger than you, but we have empathy). We hope to lift your spirits a bit by celebrating Ten Things Andy McNab has Accomplished that Most People Only Dream Of:

  • Got badged, joining the elite SAS (despite being acknowledged as “gobby” by staff).
  • Traveled the world (or as rumour has it, “shagged his way across the globe”).
  • Had a successful marriage (seven or eight of them, in fact!).
  • Learned a foreign language (knows the Iraqi words for “stop, please!,” “I know nothing,” and “is this taxi taken?”).
  • Jumped out of an airplane, repeatedly. (a career in RGJ made him a welcome addition to Air Troop).
  • Ran a marathon (a few of them, actually. Back to back to back. With 100 pounds of equipment. While being chased).
  • Wrote a successful book.
  • Received cheques(s) for book, decided to write more.
  • Received those cheques, decided to become a franchise.
  • And finally, Andy McNab became the #1 ex-S.A.S. writer/television host/future Celebrity Big Brother star in the history of ex-S.A.S. writers/television hosts/Celebrity Big Brother stars!

Well done, Andy! We’re looking forward to seeing what the next 50 years will bring (Nick Stone vs. Mega Shark?).
Fans, add your birthday wishes to Andy in the comment field below and we’ll be sure he gets your greetings.