Andy McNab trains Al Pacino for Heat movieOk, Heat isn’t exactly present news.. but..on a website I found the scene with the “famous-at-least-by-any-decent-McNab-fan” shootout – though provided by YouTube – but with a nice analysis. So if you don’t have the DVD at hand but like to watch one of the scenes in the movie, described on mentioned website as “it is, in fact, the realistic nature of the scene that gives it much of its power. It was supervised by former SAS sergeant Andy McNab, who gave the cast weapons and tactics training, so don’t fuck with Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Val Kilmer or Tom Sizemore in a firefight.” Visit the site here.

Another article mentioning Andy McNab I read today was on a ‘money expert’ site – using the nabbing of McNabs laptop as a warning to be well insured. I quote them: “Pretty much all home contents insurance policies will cover possessions left in the car when the car is parked at home. But that doesn’t always extend to times when you’re at the shops or at work. Andy McNab had popped to the newsagent so might struggle to cover the loss of his laptop.”

McNab himself said about the movie Heat: “I wondered how much the insurance would be to get these very expensive actors together firing live ammunition inches from each other.”

None of the expensive actors died working on that movie as far as I know, so I think – with a possible present claim on insurance for a stolen laptop – the insurance company might give Andy some slack here? 😉

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