Andy McNab’s new novel Zero Hour delivers authentic excitement in a way most fictional thrillers simply can’t, and reviewer ‘Camban’ knows why:

As a serial reader of serial authors I think it is safe to say that Nick Stone is certainly among the best of the creations of the genre, if not the very best. This is true because McNab has the sure touch of intimate knowledge about the world inhabited by his alter ego, his ability to weave anecdotes from his own past together with real world factual events is surely unique.
If you know characters created by other serial novelists such as John Stratton, Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, Elvis Cole, Joe Pike, Dan Lenson, Harry Bosch, Mickey Haller, Inspector Rebus, Inspector Banks, and Gabriel Allon, to name but several, and there are many more, it can be appreciated that only two of these are based on the personal experience of the author; John Stratton to an extent, and Dan Lenson to a far greater extent, it can be appreciated that the depth of knowledge behind the novels lends a veneer of authenticity that is both fascinating and absorbing in the narrative due to an ability to interweave obviously accurate anecdotes within the main story. So McNab is in a very select category of successful authors who know exactly what they are talking about and just how to say it with credible authority.