From the moment (in 2001!) we learned that the Nick Stone novels might be hitting the screen there’s been a lot of speculation who would be playing ‘our hero’ Nick Stone. I won’t (can’t) repeat them all here but I do know of all names Jason Statham came up most often, closely followed by Sean Bean. We can add a new name to the list and it seems things are in motion!

Tom Hardy Nick StoneIn the TimesOnline an interview today with Tom Hardy. Quoting: “This career is like running in the Olympics,” he says, summing up and readying himself for his next meeting, with the SAS legend Andy McNab (who is in town to talk to Hardy about playing him in a series of movies). “It’s built on skill, determination, hard work and good luck.”

As I can’t imagine there will be a series of movies about Andy (now THAT would be some news!!), I have to assume they mean Nick Stone. Anyone who knows different please let us know! I’m positive there are a number of candidates, AND a number of people who will want to have a say in the final choice so we’ll see what happens. But like I said, after all this time there might actually be a movie! And Tom Hardy…. not bad at all! 😉

Click here to read the TimesOnline interiew with Tom Hardy