‘It reeks and it stinks’by David Willets
13 November 2009

SAS legend Andy McNab last night blasted Defence Ministry civil servants who rake in big bonuses as “a bunch of bankers”.
He spoke out after shock revelations that cash incentives to MoD staff since April have totalled £47.2MILLION.

Since the Iraq war began in 2003, £287,809,049 has been doled out.

Meanwhile the Government is under fire for starving the armed forces of cash for vital kit.

Two senior civil servants picked up £17,000 bonuses – more than many privates earn in a YEAR.

Bravo Two Zero author McNab, furiously compared MoD pen-pushers to the money men who plunged Britain into financial crisis.

He said: “It absolutely reeks and it stinks. Why don’t those lads fighting for us get bonuses?”

“I didn’t realise the MoD was being run this way. I never knew they were a bunch of bankers.

“They are civil servants. They should get a salary like everyone else. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the MoD. It’s not like they’re getting much right.”

The scandal deepened last night as MoD sources said there will be no change in plum bonus packages until at least the summer of 2011.

Around 50,000 MD civil servants will have their wages topped up by performance bonuses this year.

The payouts since the Iraq conflict began could have bought at least five Chinook helicopters, or 48 Lynx Mk9 helicopter upgrades, or more than 300 armoured trucks.

The money could also have hired 17,000 privates for the Army. They earn a basic £16,681, with £2,380 extra when serving abroad.

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