An awesome video interview in 4 parts, definitely a Must See!! In Part 1 there’s quite some about the present life, so pretty new. “Herbal Henry” is a funny one and there are apparently girls who send no-clothes pictures. Sheesh, how boring to just collect the news.

Also a big surprise in Part 4 where Andy mentions about the Nick Stone movie(s) that ‘the script is done’… but guess which book!! Must mean the hunt for the actor to play Nick Stone is off now soon too and we finally get some rest from speculating. (McNabs math is still crap btw, he talks about 4-5 years. Well.. it’s closer to 7 years, the first reports dating from 2001.)

More book news: We learn that Nick Stone will go (back) to Northern Ireland in the next novel, fighting the NI maffia.

After credits in Part 4 there’s one last question, so don’t turn it off too quick!!  

Rob McGibbon:  

Andy McNab is the SAS hero who commanded Bravo Two Zero, the elite eight-man unit tasked with destroying mobile Scud missile launchers during the first Gulf war in 1990-91. Their mission was compromised and McNab was one of four who were captured. He endured six weeks of torture in the Abu Ghraib prison, but survived to collect the Distinguished Conduct Medal – an award second only to the Victoria Cross. This was added to the Military Medal he received for courage as an ordinary soldier in Northern Ireland when he was 20. McNab was the British Army’s most highly decorated serving soldier when he finally left the SAS in February 1993.

McNab’s book Bravo Two Zero recounted the failed Iraq mission and became a publishing sensation. It sold more than five million copies and was published in 17 countries. Since then, McNab, now aged 48, has become a bestselling and prolific thriller writer, known for his high-octane action novels. His 10th and latest book is called ‘Crossfire’. As well as writing books, McNab lectures around the world and writes as a military and security expert for various newspapers.

For this interview, I met McNab at The Rookery Hotel in London. For security reasons, he always keeps his identity secret which has probably made him the world’s most famous silhouette. Hence, you will not see McNab’s face, but what he says is fascinating and well worth hearing.

For the video interview in 4 parts go here

The episodes are:

Part One: Fame, Riches And Expensive Ex-wives
Part Two: From The Council Estate to the SAS Elite
Part Three: Bravo Two Zero And Surviving Torture
Part Four: Writing ‘Crossfire’ And Movie Madness

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