Report from The Sun – 13 September 2007

A THIEF made the biggest mistake of his criminal life when he nicked a laptop because it belongs to super-tough SAS veteran Andy McNab.

The Bravo Two Zero hero has years of experience of tracking the most elusive and dangerous enemies and wants his computer back.

The small-time crook would probably never have dared smash the window of McNab’s Audi Q7 to reach the laptop if he had known who the owner was.

McNab had popped into a West London newsagents to buy The Sun when the thief attacked his motor and two others.

The culprit will be sweating when he finds the man he targeted is a trained killer who served ten years in the crack SAS motto Who Dares Wins.

But McNab, now a best-selling author, today pens an open letter to the thief. He urges him to turn his back on crime and do something that takes REAL guts – like becoming a soldier.

Andy’s letter to the one who nicked his laptop

Now let’s hope he’s got copies of Crossfire elsewhere!!

The Sun is kind enough to give the not-so-smart thief a chance to save himself by providing a no-questions-asked number to call: their confidential hotline on 020 7782 4067