ReviewsAndy shares his opinion in The Sun about the apathy of Britain concerning the soldiers returning home and he is interviewing a soldier who rejoined his platoon in Iraq after he saw his twin brother die.

“I find the apathy with which our forces people are greeted when they return home from the wars sickening.

People should be falling over themselves to help these guys, yet they are treated like s***.

It’s incredible to see young lads out in Iraq and Afghanistan doing things the SAS were doing ten years ago. These guys on six-month tours are seeing so much action they are veterans within days of arrival.

And they are seeing more shot and shells than soldiers in the Second World War.”

“In a moving interview, Corporal Will Rigby told SAS hero Andy McNab he is urging the nation to donate to The Sun-backed Help For Heroes appeal to honour his comrades’ sacrifice.”

Help For Heroes’ first target is to raise £5million for a pool and gym complex at Headley Court in Surrey. You can help by making a donation or buying a wristband.

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