Published: 22-03-2010
By Duncan Larcombe, David Willetts, Jane Hamilton and Tom Newton Dunn.

The Sun today marches to the rescue of 50,000 unemployed ex-Forces personnel with our latest groundbreaking campaign – Jobs for Heroes.
Experts fear thousands of former Servicemen and women end up on the dole or doing dead-end, depressing and demeaning jobs after coming out into Civvy Street.


IF you are a sailor, soldier or airman leaving the Forces and want to apply for a job, log on to www.forceselect.com

IF you are a company with a vacancy you can offer to one of our brave ex-Servicemen or women, please send your details by email to info@forceselect.com


We REFUSE to see such proud individuals – many of whom have risked their lives on combat front lines – ignored and undervalued by employers.

So we have teamed up with expert recruiters just waiting to place an army of heroes in fulfilling careers which they not only deserve, but which will be suited to their unique specialist skills.


Former SAS hero-turned-author Andy McNab is director of ForceSelect and former Army chief General Sir Mike Jackson is a non-executive director.

General Sir Mike said: “I believe that ForceSelect is going to make a tremendous contribution to helping people.

“Not only will ForceSelect find Service leavers new jobs and careers, but it will also give them mentoring and support – including financial and accommodation advice – to help make the transition.”

ForceSelect has also launched a charitable foundation where sums of money will be distributed to Forces good causes.

Troops’ top skills
By David Willetss

SAS hero and ForceSelect director Andy McNab last night explained some of the challenges faced by troops entering Civvy Street.

He said many don’t understand their potential and what fantastic skills they can offer employers.

Andy added: “There is trepidation and often the longer they have served the harder it is to get out. Many settle for sub-standard jobs or take temporary options. What they need and deserve are real jobs with a good salary and good prospects. ForceSelect is aimed at getting proper jobs for Our Boys.

Businesses are not feeling sorry for our Servicemen and women, they are realising the qualities and skills these people have. If you’re the right person for the post, Jobs for Heroes is going to get you in.” 

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