The Sun writes today: ‘SAS fears recruits crisis’ 

THE SAS is struggling for recruits because Paras want to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan rather than join the elite regiment.

The “Who Dares Wins” SAS usually takes six out of every ten rookies from the Parachute Regiment.

But applications have fallen by almost half as the Paras join 16 Air Assault Brigade’s six-month tour in war-torn Helmand province, starting this week.

One SAS source said: “We can’t get Para Reg lads to join for love nor money. They don’t want to miss out on Afghanistan.”

Sun security adviser and SAS hero Andy McNab said: “In my day the SAS was the only place where action was guaranteed. Now even 18-year-olds are daily getting contacts in Afghanistan.

“But the SAS must not lower the bar and let in less talented guys just to keep up the numbers.”