Andy McNab joins The Sun 2005Simon gave us the link, saving the search. Thanks!

And there we learn… that you’re not supposed to go to BattleSeen just YET, this is an ” exclusive video series for The Sun” and they ask “to come back to The Sun online over the next four weeks to see Andy testing out the long range sniper rifle, light machine gun, the underslung grenade launcher and the SA80 combat rifle”. So please ignore all previous links to BattleSeen, be patient. Oh oops no, on the Sun site ‘related story’ is ‘Andy McNab’s Official Website’  but that takes you to…BattleSeen. Confusing.

The Sun writes:

THE weapons Our Boys use in Iraq and Afghanistan have been put to the test by SAS hero Andy McNab in an exclusive video series for The Sun.

Andy spent a day at the British Army’s Support Weapons School in Wales firing all the infantry weapons used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Among the arsenal are the general purpose machine gun (GPMG), the long range sniper rifle, the underslung grenade launcher and the SA80 combat rifle.

Andy believes our troops are well equipped for battle and that the grenade launcher is their best bit of kit.

He said: “I had a lot of fun testing these weapons and can say first hand our forces are well armed to tackle the threat posed by the Taliban and insurgents.

Go here for the full article. It includes a vid of McNab that looks pretty familiar, it might just as well be a shuffle of the two vids on BattleSeen indeed. BUT… the good news is that the Sun talks about ‘four weeks’ so I suppose we can expect more footage than we’ve seen so far!

PS could someone there please correct his name.. I mean.. McNabb ?? [edit – noticed they removed the extra b now ;-)]

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