“the SAS, it was in his blood”.
RIP Mr McAleese

John McAleese (1949-2011) – The man who made the SAS famous

The Sun:
Legendary former SAS hero John McAleese, who helped end the 1980 siege of the Iranian Embassy in London, has died.
Mr McAleese, who was in his early 60s, is thought to have suffered a heart attack on Friday in Thessaloniki in Greece.

He saved 19 people during the raid 31 years ago, after blasting open a window and storming the property.

Tragically his son, Serjeant Paul McAleese, 29, was killed by a roadside bomb while helping a fatally injured comrade in Afghanistan two years ago.

Source: The Sun

Former SAS hero

MAC was an SAS legend – a word I don’t use lightly.

His was an outstanding soldier, winning the Military Medal yet still proving himself time and time again, during the Falklands War, the Iranian Embassy siege and in Northern Ireland.

I first met him practising his golf swing with his assault rifle in the jungles of South East Asia.

For the next ten years I had the privilege of going on operations with him in the Middle East and Northern Ireland. I learnt a lot. John was what the SAS called a “complete soldier”.

He could overcome whatever was thrown at him because he had the one quality prized in all soldiers: Determination.

It gave him the drive to keep going when others would stop and that meant men wanted to follow him.

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