GML favourite and raconteur-at-large Camban was kind enough to provide us with the following thoughts on War Torn.
War Torn by Andy McNab and Kym Jordan published June 2010 is really nothing like previous McNab publications, except for the gritty squaddy humour (when tasked to search for a goatherd who disappeared following an IED explosion triggered by his goat ‘last seen with knobbly knees and a white beard, carrying a stick’ one squaddy says wearily to another “I’ll look for the knees, you look for the beard”). This is the closest you will get to understanding the experiences of those sent to fight a determined enemy and those left behind. Even if you have read other accounts of this conflict and seen the documentaries, this account will truly open your eyes to the true price being paid by these young, dedicated people. Absolutely brilliant story telling on all levels.