Do you believe gay people need to be ‘cured?’  That more religion in government would be a good thing?  That the UK would benefit from electing its own homegrown George W. Bush? So does Andy McNab, apparently, because he’s wholeheartedly supporting the Tory cause this time around.

Now, normally neither Andy nor this website is very political — in fact, Andy has said that though he killed IRA fighters in NI, he would have probably fought for the IRA had he grown up in NI!  In other words, he would –and did– kill someone over an ideology he himself would advocate if he moved a few miles west.  And though he has lamented the lack of education he received as a child in a desperately-poor South London, he’s never addressed why those conditions existed or how they can be changed.  So, traditionally, McNab hasn’t been a very publicly political guy.The question, then, is what has changed? Why is he now publicly supporting privileged half-wit Cameron?  If you ask Andy, it’s all about ‘supporting the troops,’ that now-semi-religious mantra that has replaced old-fashioned ‘patriotism’ as the last refuge of scoundrels.

Supporting the troops is of course a good idea in general and no normal person –or party– is opposed to it. For instance, not participating in illegal wars and occupations that do nothing for your country would be a good way to support the troops, so that must be what Andy means, right? Wrong. Andy McNab has never met a war he didn’t like, and in fact his whole ‘support’ for the troops comes down to giving them shiny kit and treating their PTSD — the PTSD caused by witnessing and/or participating in the horrors of war. With Andy, it’s all about what you do for the troops after providing them the ‘opportunity’ to fight, die, maim, and be maimed for the benefit of a wealthy elite.

With PTSD ‘in the picture’ these days (which is good!!) it seems to become the general consensus that every single case of a soldier committing violent crimes at home is a direct result of PTSD. It’s simply impossible that some just are psychopaths and arseholes (see worthless piece of shit Dr. Thomas Shanks), and preventing PTSD (by not asking people to commit atrocities) is of course out of the question. We at greymansland have been raising awareness about PTSD long before Andy did, and it’s a serious issue, but while we must treat it we should also treat the root causes.
Andy McNab doesn’t see it that way. In Andy’s world, a soldier achieves nobility by having no personal morality (see the Nuremberg ‘just following orders’ excuse), and whoever shouts ‘I love the troops’ loudest is of course the person to support — after all, a politician wouldn’t lie.

Am I suggesting that Andy McNab is a bit thick, that he’s fallen for jingoism and class warfare tactics? Yes. Andy McNab has always prided himself on being a pawn, one who will simply do what he’s told and have no personal morality of his own. He’s also demonstrated a deep sense of needing to belong to a group, preferably one that excludes ‘outsiders.’ The perfect Tory voter!

[Editorial note: That will be the last of the politics here. We’re all Andy McNab fans and the opinion of one GML staffer does not reflect the opinion of greymansland.com as a whole. Andy McNab chose to publicly enter the political arena and as a result his political opinions are being publicly discussed. If you don’t like that, go to the ‘official’ website and get no opinions, no new info, fake forum links, and some ringtones.]