Andy McNab in Zoo Today!An article in Zoo Today! where Andy describes how you – if you cannot run – (might) survive under attack of a knife.

Unfortunately it’s lacking the one brilliant advice to ‘carry Andy around in your handbag’ so I’m afraid under attack I just have to give away my purse, or my body and soul if I have to, but then there is a slideshow to guide the guide – so it was a bit hard to focus on the text.

McNab On Surviving A Knife Attack

With knife crime a national epidemic, new statistics show British city-dwellers now stand more chance of being stabbed or robbed at knifepoint than being killed or seriously injured in a road accident.

That’s why ZOO enlisted the help of ex-SAS soldier Andy McNab to find out exactly what you should do if you ever come under attack from a knife-wielding hoodie.

Having walked out of countless precarious situations in Northern Ireland and Iraq, Mr McNab knows a thing or two about hand-to-hand combat, and the first thing he tells us is to forget everything we think TV has taught us about knife attacks.

According to McNab, the way action is portrayed on TV is totally out of touch with reality – and copying the movies is precisely what will get you hurt.

“It’s all bullshit,” Andy says. “In the street, it’s all about avoidance. No matter how well trained you are in martial arts or how hard you might think you are, you run the risk of losing if you get into a knife fight. And with knives, that could mean death.”

So, the best way to survive a knife attack is simply to stay clear.

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Well… think I’m pretty much up-to-date with the posts now, but I’m sure if I look hard enough there’s more to find. So for the moment I’m nót gonna look too hard.

Things are great for us – We just got our Exclusive Interview with Andy, I just got sent a signed announcement poster of the National Army Museum where Andy was guest speaker, Thank you Florence!!
And Jon is getting his copy of the new Nick Stone “Brute Force” from Transworld this year. Big surprise, excellent!! I’m expecting a review soon Jon!

Hope you all enjoy the reads, seeya soon!

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