Important Dates in the Life of Andy McNab

When Where What
Dec., 1959 London Andy McNab born, abandoned, adopted
1959-1969 Herne Bay, Catford, Bermondsey Early childhood, spent one year with an aunt in Catford
1968 Warehouse in Peckham 8-year-old Andy McNab witnesses a friend’s death

1967-1976 Peckham Young Andy McNab grows up in the housing estates, dresses like a prick

1975 Brixton Drops out of school at 15 to work for haulage firm

Dec.,1975 Catford Andy McNab works at (gasp!) McDonald’s

Dec.,1975 Dulwich Andy McNab and friends caught burglarizing a flat

Summer,1976 Army Recruiting office,London Andy McNab enlists in Royal Green Jackets

Sep.,1976 Kent (Shornecliffe) Andy McNab,16, arrives at Infantry Junior Leader’s battallion

Sep., 1976-May,1977 Folkestone West (Shornecliffe) McNab completes basic training and boxes
for Army team

May-June,1977 Winchester Rifle Depot, Light Division Drill

July,1977 Gibraltar Andy McNab’s first posting with 2RGJ

Dec.,1977-Jun.,1978 South Armagh, Northern Ireland McNab’s first six-month tour of duty with 2RGJ

Mar. 4, 1978 Crossmaglen McNab is covering VCP when Nicholas Smith is killed by bomb
Late 1978 Tidworth Andy McNab,18, marries first wife, Christine
Dec.,1978-Jun.,1979 South Armagh, Northern Ireland

Second NI tour, rank of Lance Corporal
Jun. 9, 1979 Keady, South Armagh

McNab, 19, kills Peadar McElvenna in firefight with PIRA
Summer, 1979 Tidworth?

NCO’s Cadre, promoted and became youngest Infantry Corporal at 19
Sep.,1980 Tidworth

Christine and AM separate and subsequently divorce
Late 1980 RAF Wroughton near Swindon

Met Debbie at a NAAFI disco
Late 1980-1982 Winchester

Posted to Rifle Depot for 2- yr. stint as a training corporal
Aug.,1982 Winchester

McNab, now a corporal, marries Debbie
1982-1983 Minden, Germany

During this time McNab decides to try for SAS
Jul.,1983 Stirling Lines, Hereford

McNab fails his first attempt at Selection
Jan.,1984 Stirling Lines, Hereford

McNab completes the Endurance phase and passes Selection
Feb.-Mar.,1984 Stirling Lines, Hereford

Continuation training in preparation for Jungle phase
Mar.,1984 Brunei

Jungle Phase of Selection
Mar.,1984 Hong Kong

McNab buys his first bone shirt
Mar.-Apr.,1984 South Wales?

Escape & Evasion training
Jun.,1984 Stirling Lines, Hereford BADGED!

Belfast, Londonderry, and vicinity Back in NI, this time with B Sqadron 22 SAS

Hereford McNab divorces Debbie

Belize Stationed near Belize City with “F-Troop”

Botswana and the Okavango Training and patrolling in Africa

Northern Ireland Operated in conjunction with 14 Int (the Det)
Feb. 24,1987

Hereford McNab’s daughter is born

Hereford? McNab marries third wife

Hereford? McNab divorces third wife

Somewhere in South America McNab and SAS on covert drug-interdiction ops

Hereford? McNab marries fourth wife

Iraq McNab leads Bravo Two Zero patrol into Iraq
1991-Feb., 1993

Unknown McNab works with Revolutionary Warfare Wing
Feb., 1993

Hereford McNab leaves the SAS and retires from the Army
Oct., 1993

Worldwide Bravo Two Zero published…And I think you know the rest!