Seems Andy McNab isn’t the only one fed up with the way soldiers are treated. Check out this story from the Telegraph:

Lt Col Stuart Tootal, 42, who some believe had the ability to lead the Army in the future, wrote a damning letter to military personnel chiefs slamming the “shoddy” treatment of soldiers before announcing his resignation.

As commanding officer of 3 Para, Lt Col Tootal led his men in some of last year’s most intense fighting in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province, for which he was awarded the DSO. During his six-month tour between April and October, Lt Col Tootal had to contend with lack of food, water, ammunition and insufficient helicopter support.

Since returning, he became increasingly frustrated with troops’ poor pay, the lack of equipment for recruits to train with, the state of Army housing and the lack of dedicated facilities for injured soldiers.

He left despite having been selected, on promotion to full colonel, to become Chief of Staff of the newly-created 6 Division, based in York.

Until very recently Lt Col Tootal was insisting he intended to take up the post.

A well-placed military source yesterday confirmed that Lt Col Tootal had made his concerns known over pay, training equipment, welfare and housing.

However, it is also thought that Lt Col Tootal was keen to stay in Wiltshire, close to his girlfriend, and had set his heart on becoming Chief of Staff of 3 Division, based in Bulford.

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