Andy McNab in conversation with Hal Stewart on BFBS Radio
26 October 2016

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Andy McNab on the latest Tom Buckingham thriller by The Oldie Magazine Recordings on Mixcloud


In Michael Berkeley’s Private Passions Andy McNab reveals the central place of music in his life, and particularly his passion for opera.

Opera, he says, is the only thing that makes him cry: he chooses Wagner, Verdi and Puccini. McNab reveals too his love of the calm reflective music of Gregorian chant, which he first heard sung by the Benedictine monks of Belmont Abbey, when he was training for the SAS in Herefordshire. He talks movingly about his imprisonment and torture, and about how the particular sounds of that time are burned into his memory: the jangle of keys, the rattle of doors. To escape those dark memories, he chooses one of the most joyful pieces of music ever written: Handel’s Messiah.

One thing I’d love to ask Andy myself again sometime is about him having a ‘silent dinner’ with the Monks of Belmont Abbey. How hard must that have been ?!?

Andy’s Music:


LBC Radio, 15 December 2014

Former SAS sergeant, Andy McNab, spoke to Iain Dale this evening about the Sydney hostage incident.

Drawing on his experience as a special forces soldier, including an incident where he was held captive in Iraq, ex-SAS sergeant, Andy McNab, offered a unique insight into the hostage situation that took place today in Lindt cafe in Sydney.

The hostage situation was ended shortly before Andy joined Iain Dale on the LBC drive time show, and it was still unclear how many casualties or fatalities there were. But based on the information that was coming from Sydney at the time, Mr McNab believed this was a positive outcome.

“Looking at the footage, it’s been a success.”

“Clearly something has gone on during the negotiations where the decision is made that the negotiations are going wrong, will go wrong, maybe one of the casualties is a hostage who got shot and killed by the hostage taker… the mission is to save the hostages, so then they’ve got to go in. And that’s the last resort.”

Andy also explained that any plans to storm a hostage situation have a huge number of factors to consider, from basics like entrances and exits, down to knowing if any of the hostages have medical conditions.

For the hostages themselves though, Mr McNab explained that the intial reaction would have been disbelief, before fear set in, a fear of the unknown. Most people then retreat into themsevles, thinking about family and loved ones.

Click here to listen to  Andy McNab On Sydney Hostage Crisis on LBC Radio

Source: LBC website


Andy McNab “We wouldn’t need Special Forces if we could just go out and do it simply”

Andy McNab was on BBC Radio 4 Today talking about the realism of hunting down IS militants and rescuing hostages by the SAS. What’s the percentage of success.

Visit the BBC Radio 4 website to Listen Again. Item starts at 2.38.30h

BBC World Service Radio: “Islamic State continues to hold and murder Western hostages but why is it so hard to find and rescue them? Andy McNab is a former British Special Forces soldier who’s commanded rescue missions.”