BFBS Radio: Richard Hatch interviewed Andy on Friday while he was in Kabul. Thanks for sending this Nicky!


Andy was on the Christian O’Connell show last week:

Episode summary:

We tracked one of Richie’s poo’s through London’s sewer system and hardman Andy McNab came in to chat about his new book.

Recorded: 18 November 2010 — Andy’s part starts at 11m 47s

Go here for the podcast of the show

News about the Nick Stone movie there too!! Andy says he knows he will be playing the Nick Stone part.. but he’s not telling!!


On the Force Select website you can find several interviews with Andy McNab regarding Force Select, also in audio!

Go here to see the list on the Force Select website


Andy is on the Richard Hatch show on ‘BFBS Radio’ (the British Forces Broadcasting Service):

Andy McNab the Gun toting SAS hero.

Every Wednesday Andy will act out a scene from a movie.

Guess the movie and win a signed Andy McNab certificate with attached moustache clipping.

Producer Nicky Smith told Grey Man’s Land:

“The competition is basically where Andy reads a film script, and people have to guess what the film is. They then win the certificate.

It’s a bit of fun, and Andy has been very obliging in doing the reads for us. “

Go here to listen to the Richard Hatch show(s) on BFBS Radio


The Guardian
18 July 2010

Men’s Hour kicks off with Louie Spence’s digestion woes

BBC Radio 5 Live show wasn’t tearjerking, but it was a strange mix of the banal and interesting

“After 64 years on the BBC Woman’s Hour’s cheeky younger brother Men’s Hour with Tim Samuels makes its debut on BBC Radio 5 Live …” This was the blurb. Hard to unpick exactly who’d been doing what for 64 years, but it was definitely “No girls allowed!” Punctuation and syntax, you can get back into the saloon bar with the ladies.

Go here to read the article about the BBC show in The Guardian

There were some fascinating bits. Andy McNab said one of the problems with being married was that sometimes you didn’t want to be with your wife, you wanted to hang out with your mates. You didn’t want to be unfaithful – you just wanted more fun. Nobody ever says that. It must be true for us all, isn’t it? Takes an ex-member of the SAS to say it out loud!

Unfortunately this program is not available to Listen Again, but at least we got a nice photo from The Guardian article. If anyone was smart enough to record the program please send it to us!

The star of the show, surprisingly, was McNab. He explained how men and women are equally in danger in war zones because there is no frontline any more, and he didn’t appear to take himself so seriously.

Source: The Guardian


Gunman Raoul Moat is still on the loose. SAS Hero Andy McNab explains to Gaunty what he believes Raoul’s tactics for surviving in the wilderness are.

Go here find the link to the show on SunTalk

Also read the latest news: Raoul Moat dead ‘after shots fired’