Wednesday 16 June

“Lord Saville’s inquiry into Bloody Sunday found that the Ulster massacre had no justification. John Kelly, the brother of Michael Kelly who was shot during the march at the age of 17 speaks to Charlie. Trevor Kavanagh also gives his opinion.

Gregory Campbell, DUP member for Londonderry, explains his view on the verdict.

The Sun’s Security Expert, Andy McNab says the report lacks context.”
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Andy McNab’s item starts at 1h45min30


Monday 14 June

“Sun Security Expert Andy McNab talks to Gaunty about the sacking of Military Chief, Sir Jock Stirrup.”

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Andy McNab’s item starts at 49min10

Don’t Miss Andy McNab’s Latest Book, ‘War Torn’


Andy talks about giving youngsters a better start, missing the army, Northern Ireland, making Kate Silverton blush and lots more…

Date 13 June, interview starts at 35min06

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BBC Radio 4 – The World Tonight
31 May 2010

Israeli commandos storm a flotilla of ships trying to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip, killing at least ten people – but what really happened?

You can listen to the show here

Andy’s contribution starts at 15min11

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Andy was a guest on the ‘Daily Bacon’ show…

‘It’s been nearly twenty years since the former SAS soldier Andy McNab published the bestseller Bravo Two Zero, His latest release is War Torn, the first in a series which follows a unit on a military mission in Afghanistan. He tells Richard all about it – and why his identity must still remain a secret.’

I’m not sure how long it will be up for download, so if you’ve missed it and still like to hear the interview – let us know! We got this sent by Ali – who’s our eyes and ears in the UK, thanks again Ali !!


Andy was a guest on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show Podcast yesterday where in talks – in a suit – about buses, about War Torn being 500 pages (who ripped out 28 pages of my copy??), Andys formula of writing, the upcoming Nick Stone movie, Andys new job as a director for a Boy Soldier movie, Andy bluffing, politics, Afghanistan and there’s a big challenge….

Go here and select the 24th of May to listen or download the podcast. Andy is on from 6min16s.

Below is a little video clip taken during the (radio) show.

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