The new Liam Scott thriller ‘The New Enemy’  will be published 1 January 2015.
It’s the third in series and though written as ‘young adult’ novel …. adults who still feel young at heart – as we all are I’m sure – will enjoy them too!


Liam Scott has joined Recce Platoon. And it looks like he will be heading for Somalia. His mission is to gather intelligence from behind enemy lines, carrying out top-secret surveillance and dead letter drops. But he’s new to the game and there’s a lot to learn.

Soon Liam is monitoring a den of Al-Shabaab militants and hunting a key terrorist target. Can Recce Platoon find their man and get out undiscovered? If the militants find them first, it’s game over . . .

Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Doubleday Childrens (1 Jan 2015)
ISBN-10: 0857533428

Lam Scott book 3 The New Enemy


Dr. Kevin Dutton and Andy McNab – What psychopaths can teach us

Originally aired on Nine To Noon, Thursday 10 July 2014

Dr. Kevin Dutton, an Oxford University psychology professor, has spent a lifetime studying psychopaths.
He first met SAS hero and author Andy McNab during a research project. What he found surprised him.
McNab is a diagnosed psychopath but he is what Dr. Dutton calls a “good psychopath”.
Unlike a “bad psychopath”, he is able to dial up or down qualities such as ruthlessness, fearlessness, conscience and empathy to get the very best out of himself – and others – in a wide range of situations. Together, they have written the book The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success, which is out now, published by Random House.

Source: Radio New Zealand National website


For Valour - Nick Stone 16

When a young trooper is shot in the head at the Regiment’s renowned Killing House, Nick Stone is perfectly qualified to investigate the mysterious circumstances more deeply. He has just returned from Moscow – still trying to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend and baby son are safer there without him – so combines an unrivalled understanding of the Special Forces landscape with a detachment that should allow him to remain in cover.

But less than forty-eight hours later, a second death catapults him back into the firing line – into the telescopic sights of an unknown assassin bent on protecting a secret that could strike at the heart of the establishment that Stone has, in his maverick fashion, spent most of his life fighting to protect.

And now the clock is ticking, Stone hurtles from the solitude of a remote Welsh confessional to Glencoe – whose shadows still whisper of murder and betrayal – and on to Southern Spain, in an increasingly desperate quest to uncover the truth about a chain of events that began in the darkness of an Afghan hillside, and left a young man haunted by the never-ending screams of a friend the Taliban skinned alive.

Nick Stone’s most heart-stopping adventure yet will force the reader to recognise the thinness of the line that separates sacrifice from suicide, to share the nightmares that walk hand in hand with heroism – and to count the real cost of actions taken in the name of loyalty.

Book details
Hardcover: 448 pages
Publisher: Bantam Press
Release Date: 23 Oct 2014
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0593073711
ISBN-13: 978-0593073711



Release Date: 22 May 2014 | Series: Red Notice 2

Book Description:

“The stunning new Tom Buckingham thriller from the bestselling author of Bravo Two Zero.”

Camp Bastion: SAS trooper Tom Buckingham finds himself in deep trouble for taking down a renegade Afghan soldier.
Instead of being proclaimed a hero, he’s made a scapegoat for the incident and drummed out of the regiment.

On his return to Britain, disillusioned and embittered, Tom’s unique services are quickly snapped up by charismatic entrepreneur, Vernon Rolt, a powerful billionaire with political ambitions, very few scruples and a questionable agenda.

With riot on the country’s streets, a government in disarray and a visit from the American president imminent, there has never been a better time to make a play for power.

But, as Tom will soon discover, in the affairs of state, hidden forces are always at work and he is quickly drawn back into the covert world of intelligence and special forces which he knows so well.

He will have to decide where his loyalties lie and who his real friends are, if he is to intervene in a spiralling sequence of events which involve terrorism, insurgency and, ultimately, assassination…

Fortress is Andy McNab’s most topical, hard-hitting and viscerally exciting novel to date.

One man is willing the world into chaos.

One man has the power to stop him and change the fate of nations…

Go here to check the places and dates for the Andy McNab ‘Fortress’ Tour


Tom Buckingham returns in another thrillingly contemporary, action packed adventure…

This title will be released on May 22, 2014

Andy will do a talk and book signing in York:

An evening with Andy McNab

Memorial Hall, St. Peter’s school, York
Thursday, 22 May 2014, 7:00PM
FREE. On a first come first served basis by e-mail to: events@stpetersyork.org.uk or by telephoning 01904 527300

“We are working with St. Peter’s school to bring you the opportunity to meet bestselling novelist and former SAS soldier, Andy McNab. Andy will talk about his work, including his book published the day of the event – FORTRESS, the second Tom Buckingham novel. The event will be followed by a Q&A and book signing. We will have a bookstall open before and after the event. This event will take place in The Memorial Hall at St Peter’s, which is at the front of the school just off Clifton, with free parking behind the Hall.”

More dates:

Tuesday, 3 June 2014, 2:00PM

Tuesday, 3 June 2014, 7:00PM

Friday, 6 June 2014, 7:00PM

TB2 Fortress kl