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Andy is on Tour to talk about Bravo Two Zero’s 20th anniversary and the revised edition of his much talked about book.

28 May 2013
Hay on Wye festifal, Hereford
11.30am (Barclays Pavilion)
Tickets: £7.00

On the 20th anniversary of publication of his iconic tale of disaster and endurance in the first Iraq War, the Special Forces veteran revisits the story with new material”

28 May 2013
The Chepstow Bookshop, Lower Church Street, Chepstow
7.30pm (The Drill Hall)
Tickets: £5 each – £2 redeemable against purchase of the special 20th anniversary edition of “Bravo Two Zero” (RRP £7.99).

“Join us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Bravo Two Zero” with the author Andy McNab.
The breathtaking account of Special Forces soldiering – a chronicle of superhuman courage, endurance and dark humour in the face of overwhelming odds.”

30 May 2013
The Fleet Air Arm Museum,
Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, Somerset BA22 8HT
Tickets £5 and available from the shop.

“Andy McNab under Concorde!!
Waterstones celebrates the the 20th of the release of Bravo Two Zero. We welcome Andy McNab to The Fleet Air Arm Museum to talk about his newly updated & expanded edition of his bestselling book.”

And of course Andy visits The National Army Museum on 23 MayThe Tank Museum on 24 May and Wakefield on 29 May


January 1991 – can you remember what you were doing?

 Andy McNab can. It was the day his eight man patrol infiltrated deep behind enemy lines in Iraq. Their call sign: BRAVO TWO ZERO.

Now, twenty years on from the 1993 first publication of the bestselling account of this mission, Transworld publish a fully revised and updated commemorative edition, published on 23rd May.

‘Looking back I don’t regret a single thing we did during that time. I still believe we made the right decisions, tactically and morally, but what I knew about was soldiering, that and juvenile detention. I was 33 going on 17, and what’s changed now is that I am able to look at the whole picture objectively, how I felt then and feel now and how the experience of that January changed the lives of the whole patrol.’ ~Andy McNab

Product details:
Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Corgi (23 May 2013)
ISBN-10: 0552168823
ISBN-13: 978-0552168823


You can hear Andy read from his contribution to the Quick Reads Project, his book ‘Today Everything Changes’.

Go here to the BBC website Skillswise


“They want to hear about blowing up bridges and how to handle a gun. But the most important action of all, I tell them, is opening that first book whatever it might be.”

The Mirror
16 February 2013

The best-selling author learnt to read as a 16-year-old Army recruit and says it was life changing

Of all Andy McNab’s hard-fought victories the thrill of reading a book was the first big one.

The SAS hero and best-selling author, 53, was an Army recruit aged 16 and had just finished a Janet and John tale in a forces literacy class.

He recalled: “When I put it down my instructor said, ‘Congratulations. Remember this feeling – what it was like to finish your first book.’ And I always have.

“That moment truly changed my life. Everything I did since came from then.

A book can take you to places you would never have known. Each book you read gives you a little more knowledge.

And knowledge means power. And power means you can make decisions for yourself and go your own way.

That’s how you survive. Which is something I know a lot about.

I finished school with the reading skills of a kid aged 11. I was illiterate. I was going nowhere. If that sounds shocking, well I’ll tell you something that’s even worse.

Today the average literacy age of a young man joining the infantry is still just 11. Things have not improved one jot.”

Now Andy, whose first book Bravo Two Zero sold millions and was turned into a film with Sean Bean playing his part, is a frontline fighter in a campaign to spread the reading habit.

And the Sunday People is a proud ally. We are offering FREE copies of his latest book Today Everything Changes.

For the full article with interview go to The Mirror