Andy McNab: “How you vote at this election is going to affect soldiers’ lives.”

The Sun
By Tom Newton Dunn
Published: 15 Mar 2010

SAS hero Andy McNab last night backed the Conservatives in the General Election – and slammed Gordon Brown for “betraying” Britain’s Armed Forces.
The ex Who Dares Wins soldier accused the PM of underfunding frontline troops for years.

Sun Security Expert Andy, 49, has voted Labour before. But after talks with David Cameron, he said: “I’m impressed. The Tories are the future.”

And the SAS legend insisted he was speaking for thousands of soldiers last night as he vowed to vote for the Conservatives.

But he is sickened by years of Brown starving the military of cash for vital kit – then denying it at the Chilcot Inquiry into Iraq.

Andy said: “It’s time for a change.

“After the way Gordon Brown betrayed the Forces, there’s not a single person I’ve spoken to from my old regiment who’s voting any other way than Conservative. Cameron’s got the SAS vote – that’s for sure.”

He explained “For Gordon Brown to go to the Iraq inquiry and tell porkies was outrageous.How little he has given the MoD to help them fight five wars in 13 years is VERY clearly on record. To then go straight out to Helmand province in Afghanistan – as he did – and pose for photos with the troops to look like the Forces’ friend was unforgivable. That was the last straw for me. It was a cynical PR attempt to bury bad headlines. Anyone who uses our soldiers on the front line like that deserves nobody’s respect. It is a betrayal of everything honourable they stand for.”

Endorsement from the popular Who Dares Wins figure is a big boost for the Tories, as Britain faces the risk of sleep-walking into another five years of Gordon Brown. An opinion poll yesterday showed the Conservative lead over Labour had slipped to just FOUR points. Andy – who became an author after famously leading the SAS Bravo Two Zero patrol in Iraq in 1991 – met Mr Cameron yesterday to discuss defence. The men also spoke of Andy’s two other passions – adult education and halting the rise of the British National Party.

After the lengthy meeting, Andy told The Sun: “Without doubt, the Tories are the future. I’m impressed by Cameron and the straight answers he gave to my questions. I believe he does get the Forces and what they need. And I think he has the will to see Afghanistan through. Now is not the time to go wobbly about the war.”

The Conservative leader told The Sun: “Andy’s backing means a huge amount to us.”

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By Andy McNab

“At the beginning of the New Labour project in 1997, I voted for Tony Blair, like a lot of people in this country did. He promised a great vision for us. But I don’t believe Labour ever delivered on that vision.

The education of our kids is far from where it should be.

Social mobility is at its lowest for generations.

And the economy is in an appalling state.

The great dream all seems to have turned to ruin.

But probably worst of all for me is the way Labour have let down the Armed Forces.

It’s crucial for every fighting man and woman out in Afghanistan and everyone who supports them – all the way up the chain to the MoD – to know they have strong leadership at the top.”


“Gordon Brown never gives that impression. You always get the feeling the Iraq and Afghan operations were Tony Blair’s idea, which he never quite signed up to. That’s probably why he wasn’t prepared to pay for it.

We need a change.

I believe Cameron understands the Armed Forces and what they’re after. From the equipment projects that need to be funded, all the way to the psychological treatment the guys need when they come back from the front line. I’ve also had a lot of conversations with Liam Fox, the man who will be Cameron’s defence secretary. He understands the Armed Forces too. From the way Cameron talks about Afghanistan, it’s also clear to me that he’s got the will and the intent to see it through now.

I am confident the Tories will do what is needed.

So they’ve got my vote this time.”

McNab & Cameron in The Sun


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By Richard Eden
Published: 19 Dec 2009

Kevin Spacey and SAS author Andy McNab form an unlikely partnership.
At first glance, they are unlikely allies: Kevin Spacey, the darling of theatreland, and Andy McNab, the rugged SAS hero turned best-selling author.

But Mandrake spotted the two men, accompanied by McNab’s wife, Jenny, last week at a restaurant in London next to the Old Vic theatre, of which the Hollywood star is artistic director.

The pair are, I can disclose, involved in a joint project for the new year. The star of The Usual Suspects is to stage McNab’s debut play, Last Night, Another Soldier.

Written for BBC Radio 4, it tells the moving story of an 18-year-old soldier going to war for the first time, in Afghanistan.

McNab certainly knows his stuff: he was Britain’s most decorated serving soldier when he left the Army in 1993.

Source: The Telegraph


The Sun's Millies 2009 Best Unit with AMAs published in The Sun


Tuesday 24 Nov 2009

GoSpoken.com, co-owned by ex-SAS operative turned author Andy McNab, has partnered with actress & author Michelle Gayle, The Reading Agency & BlackBerry to leverage cutting-edge technology to develop literacy levels in schools through a national workshop study.

The innovative workshops gave select secondary school pupils, aged 12-15 years, from across three schools in Halton, Southampton & Crawley the opportunity to read, write & share stories on BlackBerry handsets. Led by Michelle Gayle, author of Pride & Premiership – a mobile novel, students engaged with the creative writing workshop – discussing & contributing their own ideas using the Smartphone’s.

The aim of the workshops is to research the adoption of reading digital books on mobile phones, and the interaction of users with digitally created content – as authors or contributors – in an innovative and modern way.

Actress & author Michelle Gayle said; “The pupils seemed to take to reading on the BlackBerry’s immediately and when they began to write their own stories on them a teacher remarked that they seemed to focus more than they do in the classroom”.

The project is part of the Research & Development strategy from Mobcast – parent company of GoSpoken.com, investigating the impact of mobile technology & distance learning. The goal is to encourage user engagement with authors & content, and to create a mobile platform for users to contribute to a story, or contribute as an author. Similar concepts such as Keitai books in Asia have proved very successful in Japan where books written on mobile-for-mobile became physical bestsellers. 

Source: Booktrade.Info