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This book by David Armine Howarth ( 1912-1991, British historian and author), is recently republished with an introduction by Andy McNab.

Snippit from the introduction:

I learnt about the Norwegian Resistance as part of my military training, but I’d been inspired by their daring attempts to sabotage the Nazi occupation since childhood. I used to watch The Heroes of Telemark with Kirk Douglas every time it was shown on TV, and despite the overlay of Hollywood glamour, I was struck by the bleakness of the terrain and moved by the amazing courage with which those men and women fought against the Germans. It was this long-held admiration that took me to the Norwegian Resistance museum in Oslo last year, and, when asked to write a foreword to this book, made me only too happy to do so.

We Die Alone is the story of one man’s ability to endure the worst imaginable and survive. Jan Baalsrud, an expatriate Norwegian
resistance fighter, is in trouble as soon as his mission begins.

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Andy McNab recommends We Die Alone by D. Howarth

Order the classic ‘We Die Alone’ from Amazon.com.

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd; Reissue edition (5 Aug 2010)
ISBN-10: 1847678459
ISBN-13: 978-1847678454



Andy McNab on Anti-Terror, The Politics of War
Published 27 May 2010

Andy’s ‘Five Books’ are My Friend the Mercenary (James Brabazon), Crusades (Terry Jones and Alan Ereira), 52 Days (James Fergusso), Memoirs of an Infantry Officer (Siegfried Sassoon) and: 

Your fifth choice is a Ministry of Defence green paper.

“Yes, a bit geeky this one. This is an MOD green paper pre-empting the white paper and it’s a very clear and concise document about the politics of war. We are a trading nation and we will go to war to keep our trading routes clear. Alan Greenspan said we went to war in Iraq for the oil, and he was right. The fuel is coming on line now (the army is getting a deal for something like five pence a litre) and, though Basra is never going to be a day out in Margate, things have calmed down because people are making money. It’s about the freedom of goods, services and information and to secure our food and resources. That’s the way we do it. We don’t send in the gunships any more, but we go into joint operations with America because they have the same doctrine as us. We are in Afghanistan because we need stability in the region…”

Interview by Anna Blundy

Go here to read the full interview about Andys book choices on the FiveBooks website


The Sun
Published: 04 Mar 2010

“Celebrities have come clean and confessed the books they love to read behind closed doors.
Their admissions, released for World Book Day today, reveal surprising choices – ex-SAS hero Andy McNab enjoys Jordan and boy band star JB of JLS is a fan of Jeffrey Archer.

Here is what celebs told us about their reading habits.”


Currently reading: Agent Zigzag (Ben Macintyre).

Guilty pleasure: “Sadly, I read the novel Crystal by Katie Price (Jordan) – my niece bought it.”

Favourite book: Holy Blood, Holy Grail (Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln). “I love history and read this ten years before Dan Brown’s book.”

Childhood favourite. “I couldn’t read. The first book I finished was in the Army, Janet And John book ten for primary kids.”

Go here to read the full article and – if you must –  find out about the other celebrities


AMs Book of the Year 2009

This was in The Mail on Sunday, sent to us by Ali. Thanks!!!


12.11.09 Graeme Neill

HarperPress is rush releasing a book with military charity Help for Heroes  featuring tales of British troops from the front line.

Real Heroes was commissioned in August and will be released on 30th November in hardback priced £9.99. It will feature introductions from Jeremy Clarkson and Ross Kemp with £1 from every copy sold donated to Help for Heroes. The publisher is hoping to raise more than £150,000 for the charity by Christmas.

The book features accounts of battles in Afghanistan by currently serving paratroopers as well as soldiers who have since retired from the Army. Decorated Apache helicopter pilot Ed Macy, who is also a HarperPress author, provides tips on what to do if missing in action or confronted with handmade bombs.

Senior editor Annabel Wright said the book was aimed at a wide readership. She said: “There’s a lot of military history out there but not as much that has true stories from the front line that are aimed at a younger readership. I think the book could appeal to teenagers as well as people in their fifties; the type of fan that reads Andy McNab.”

Go to The Bookseller website to read the full story