The Circuit by Bob SheperdCamban:

“When a twenty year veteran of the SAS and a highly experienced private security contractor takes the trouble to shatter a few misconceptions we should all pay close attention and prepare to have our illusions dissolved.

Yes, it’s that bad out there.

We can never again view the supposed bad guys and good guys with our long held assumptions. He has harsh words to say about the situations and personnel in Israel/Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and surprisingly, some new insight into the Bravo Two Zero mission with which he was involved (the book is dedicated to Vince Phillips, A Soldier). However, his most scathing criticism is reserved for the private security industry and shocking it is too. A very disturbing book revealing that nothing out there in the hostile parts of the world are quite as we assume, or are led to assume.

A must read publication if ever there was one.”

Thank you Cam !


“Full-length audiobooks available to download direct to mobile phones for the first time”

Andy McNab is backing the launch of  GoSpoken, a new service that allows UK customers to preview, purchase and download audiobooks via their mobile phones for the first time.

The bestselling author is a partner of digital content company Spoken Entertainment, which teamed up with the Random House Group to launch the service at the London International Book Fair in London today.

Mobile phone users who have a data plan can now visit www.gospoken.com via their handsets to browse, purchase and download audiobooks without using a credit card, as payment is billed to the users’ mobile phone account or through mobile PayPal.

Fifty Random House Group audiobooks are now available to purchase and download, including six Andy McNab titles. Other authors available on the service include Chris Ryan, John Grisham, Karin Slaughter, Thomas Harris, James Patterson and Sebastian Faulks.

Andy McNab comments:

“I’m a great fan of audiobooks and passionate about bringing them to a wider audience in the UK. The immediacy of the spoken word and added texture of sound effects really transport you to another world through your headphones.

GoSpoken will bring audiobooks into the 21st Century – being able to download them to your mobile, wherever you are, means you will never be bored again.”

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It’s a short synopsis on Amazon yet, but it’s something. 

“Days after his car erupts in a ball of flame, Nick Stone narrowly cheats death a second time when a gunman opens fire on him from the back of a motorcycle. Who knows his movements? Who wants him dead, and why? Stone’s only chance of survival is to carry the fight to his attackers – but first he must uncover a trail of clues that leads from his own dark and complex past into the heart of a chilling conspiracy that threatens us all.

Nick Stone’s eleventh adventure is McNab at his explosive best.”


A new title mentioned on Amazon is “Flashback”, published November 3 this year. No further details yet, but we keep you informed! 


That should be Andy’s next novel.. No synopsis yet, I can only tell it’s obviously not about those in F Troop or it would have had that title 😉 Also can’t tell yet if it’s another Nick Stone, but we’ll keep you posted.

It’s scheduled for coming September, an early one this year.

So happy New Year, may 2008 be filled with a lot of Andy!


“Truly superb, what those boys go through……………..”

Two reviews this time from our renowned book reviewer Camban.
Sniper One book by Dan Mills
The first one is Sniper One by Sergeant Dan Mills. Sgt. Mills is an  Army sniper hero who as has “beaten an MoD ban to reveal the true story of the most epic battle fought by British troops in Iraq”, according to The Sun Newspaper (note: the book is ghostwritten by its defence editor Tom Newton Dunn).
Sniper One Review:

“All first hand accounts of war fighting are by definition interesting, if you are into that sort of thing. They fascinate both those who have been there, and those who have not. Some though are outstanding examples that convey the reader into the cauldron with skillful use of language and a sense of time that brings the scenes as close to reality as typeface can, this is one of the best. A good measure of veracity are the revues posted on the British Army Rumour Service web site by serving soldiers, they know a Walt when they see one, they all like this book. There are suggestions on that site that this was ghost written but that does not matter at all, this is the first hand story of Sergeant Mills, a sniper platoon commander, during his time at Al Amarah in Iraq during 2004 and is simply awesome in scale with the description of close in action among the best ever produced. Andy McNab is quoted on the cover “One of the best first-hand accounts of combat that I’ve ever read”, well he should know!”

3 Para book by Patrick BishopThe second book is 3 Para by Patrick Bishop, another new book that might tickle your collective fancies.
3 Para Review::

“Afghanistan, summer 2006, THIS is war” trumpets the cover blurb. And it certainly is. This is a story of continuous deadly action endured not only by 3 Para, but many other units of the British Army during this largely unknown series of battles fought by seriously outnumbered units of professional soldiers opposing the mindless hordes of suicidal paradise seekers with a seemingly endless supply of deadly weapons. But these moronic, drug addled ‘warriors’ were fought to a standstill by sheer professionalism and courage. Now, this book is nothing like the first person accounts such as ‘Sniper One’ to name but one. It is a journalistic work of great range which puts forward many different pieces of the overall war story. So don’t expect raw excitement but be in awe of the subject matter; those young soldiers who found themselves in the cauldron and did not flinch.”
About Patrick Bishop: “A foreign correspondent since 1982 covering numerous wars and conflicts around the world. In the last five years he has emerged as a highly regarded military historian with his books. He began his career covering the British re-capture of the Falkands 25 years ago. Since then he has reported from the front line on almost every major war of the era.”