Dropzone Book 1 will be published in February and it’s another teen book. But as the Boy Soldier series was a good read for adults, I’m assuming this will be too.

Ethan Blake is seventeen and desperate to escape from his dead-end life. When he sees someone B.A.S.E. jump from the top of his block of flats, it changes the way he sees the world for ever.

Soon, Ethan is caught up in the adrenaline-fuelled world of skydiving. He’s a natural, so it’s no surprise when he’s invited to join an elite skydive team, but is he signing up for more than just jumping out of planes?

The team’s involved in covert military operations – missions that require a special kind of guts, missions so secret even MI5 denies all knowledge.


Andy McNab to Random Children’s

Random House Children’s Books has signed a two book deal for a young adult adventure series by Andy McNab. Random House bought UK and Commonwealth (excluding Canada) and EU rights from Philippa Milnes-Smith, managing director of LAW agency.

The series, titled Dropzone will launch in Spring 2010 in Doubleday hardback and will draw on McNab’s own experiences of working undercover in the SAS. The series will feature a teenage sky-diving team who undertake secret missions around the globe.

Philippa Dickinson, managing director, said: “There are legions of fans for Andy McNab’s books, adults as well as kids, and I’m delighted that we have this new series for teenagers. By being able to bring his own experience in covert missions to his story-telling Andy creates an action-packed read few armchair adventure writers can hope to achieve.”

McNab has previously written novels for both children and adults. The Boy Soldier series, written with Robert Rigby was published by Doubleday. His other adult titles are also published by Random House company Transworld.

Philippa Milnes-Smith said: “We’re delighted to see him back with Random House Children’s Books for a brand new series – it’s a winning combination.”

Source: The Bookseller